What groom are you?

3 different kind of grooms

You've spent months planning your wedding, from venue to dress to cake. But what about that one thing that ties everything together: the groom? Whether you're having a destination wedding or just want to feel like one, finding the right suit can be tricky. Luckily, there are three types of grooms that you can be on your special day: the fun groom, the classic groom and the destination groom.

Destination groom

what to wear as a groom for a destination weddingdestination wedding

If you're getting married on a tropical island, go with lighter materials and colours. Linen is a great summer fabric and it will look good in the photos. You can also go with colours that complement the flowers or scene of your wedding. With colourful light fabric suits you can easily dress them down to a business casual look for Toronto summers. 

A vest is another option if you feel like a blazer is too hot for your destination wedding. Vests are great for casual events where people might be wearing shorts or linen pants that have no pockets because they don't need one--they already have one built into their outfit! 

Have fun with the colours. More conservative? Go with a light blue or a very light grey, it's neutral but more weather appropriate. Also for shoes you don't need a dress shoe, you can opt out for a great espadrille or boat shoe.

The fashion forward groom

fashion forward groom fashion forward groom

The fashion forwaard groom is not afraid to wear a suit that is a little different from the norm. Fun grooms like to add a little bit of personality to their outfits, so they will often opt for colorful or patterned suits. A statement blazer or accessories can also add some flair to an otherwise plain outfit. If you want your wedding day look to stand out from other grooms at the ceremony, opt for different finishes on suits instead of matching everyone else with black tuxedos! As much as it's the brides day it's also you're day and let it be known once you walk into the venue!

Look for embroidery, shiny materials, and eccentric finishes like the buttons and lining. Finding blazers or suits that fit exactly what you're looking for, but gotstyle is here to help. Consider our made-to-measure program where you can pick every detail. Mind you turn around time for that is 6-8 weeks so plan ahead! consultations are free and you can never be too early. To book and appointment or learn more about our custom program checkout our site.

The classic groom.

Classic groomwhat to wear as a groom

The classic groom is the most conservative, formal and traditional. He'll want a suit that fits like a glove and has a crisp white shirt underneath it. For shoes, he'll want black patent leather Oxfords or loafers with no embellishments at all--no wingtips, no bowties or patterns on them.

The classic groom may be more traditional than you'd expect him to be; he might not want to wear suspenders because they're just not his style (even though they're pretty awesome). If this is the case, let him know that suspenders are an option for him if he wants them--and then let him decide whether or not he wants them! You could also add a funky sock or tie for some personality; just make sure whatever else is going on with his outfit stays simple and elegant so as not to distract from your wedding day look as bride!

You got this

We hope this article has helped you understand the different kinds of grooms. If you're still unsure which one is right for your wedding day, don't worry! We have some tips on how to find the perfect suit that will complement your personality and style while still looking dapper in any situation. We have off the rack options or custom, and any of our stylists can help you with making sure you dress your best for your wedding.