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It’s an open secret in the world of fashion that personal tailoring can take brilliant looks to the next level. For those who are after the custom tailoring of Savile Row but can’t dash to London every season, Gotstyle offers an extremely high quality Made-to-Measure service.

We’ve been specializing in both men’s and women’s custom wardrobe for the past decade and are currently the only brand in our field offering custom services for women. Our collection of women’s clothing is a versatile mix of business wear, social wear, and casual wear – from the basics to those unique pieces that make an outfit come together.

Our point of difference? We aren’t salespeople that have been given a tape measure and told to measure someone. Gotstyle is composed of trained experts who understand that building a suit requires the knowledge of intimate details, such as how your skiing accident has caused your shoulder to sit one inch higher (and how to adjust your measurement to accommodate for it).

Our team would love to help you to look great and be on your best game. Book an appointment with Natasha and find out why we make all the difference!

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It’s rare to find a retailer offering complimentary customizations on womenswear. But that’s what we’re all about – being ‘different’ from the crowd. Gotstyle provides complimentary fine tailoring to accommodate your specific body, ensuring complete closet envy from peers.

Gotstyle womenswear features a versatile mix of business, social, and casual wear – from the basics to those unique pieces that always complete an outfit. Whether it’s a personally-fitted blazer or a fully customized suit, you’ll walk out of here feeling confident in how you put a look together for any kind of event!

We offer a full range of enhancements for the modern woman's wardrobe.

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