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Melissa Austria


My specialty: Guys who need help with smart casual dressing for work and newly divorced men that need to update their wardrobe.

I love: Edgy business style for myself and making life easier for guys when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

Ask me about: The newest steak restaurants in the city and where to go dancing if you’re over 40.

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Brandon Walls

Store Manager/Men's Buyer

My specialty: Creating looks with a distinct European edge and eclectic taste that are aesthetically pleasing.

I love: Helping folks feel great about themselves and removing the stress from putting an outfit together.

Ask me about: Creating a closet with interchangeable items that will maximize your outfit options.

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Sherry Ann

Store Manger/Women's Buyer

My specialty: Curating looks for the everyday person, which leaves them looking and feeling great.

I love: Translating my client's vision into reality.

Ask me about: The best Caribbean restaurants in the city.

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Aaron Macpherson

Associate Manager

My specialty :Menswear and general buffoonery.

I love: Putting together the effortless classy look for a nice dinner or night out.

Ask me about: Getting out of your comfort zone with colours and patterns, or cheese recommendations!

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Lindsay Libman

Stylist/Women's Buyer

My specialty: Creating European edgy yet classic looks taking inspiration from Parisienne street style.

I love: Getting to know my clients and helping them dress better, feel better.

Ask me about: What to gift for yourself, your family and friends, or the best vegan, gluten-free treats and restaurants in the city!

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Francisco Cabrera


My specialty: Women's & men's styling. Creating classy, unique, and versatile looks that provide both comfort and style.

I love: Having fun with clothes and create a fun experience with my clients.

Ask me about: Accessory or hairstyle ideas for your outfits.

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Emily Duckett


My specialty: Creating an eclectic wardrobe full of personality and show-stopping looks.

I love: Seeing how many different ways you can style a piece.

Ask me about: My favourite ice water recipe. Anything true crime. Or my theory on washing fruit.

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Natasha Espinoza

Custom Suit Tailoring Expert

My specialty: Designing custom suits for everyone! Specializing in women and the queer community designing a suit that not only fits your body and your style. 

I love: I love creating a safe space for my clients and bringing their dream suits to life!

Ask me about: How to wear a suit on any occasion, anywhere, anytime. Challenge accepted! 

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Katrina Henderson

Event Planner

My specialty: Crafting unique events that offer engaging, interactive, and memorable experiences.

I love: Seeing the end results of an event and people having a great time. 

Ask me about: Any event inquiries you might have. Fun places to go out on a Thursday night.

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