Be Better

1. I know I need help but I’m intimidated to come into the store.

Our Style Advisors are very nice and friendly and not on commission (we just want to help you look good!) So don’t feel that we are trying to just sell you. Plus there is no charge to come in and try on clothes and get feedback from one of our advisors.

If you want, make an appointment with one of our advisors (again no charge) so you can have a guaranteed one on one.


    2. I’m just starting out in the workforce and I don’t have a lot of money.

    Student loans and the cost of living in the big city can take a toll on your bank account. We’ve got a great solution to help you dress better for less! 

    Our Launch Business Starter Kit - get a made in Europe modern fit suit, shirt, shoes and belt for only $795.


      3. I’ve got lots of clothes but nothing to wear

      It doesn’t help when your closet is a disaster and you can’t see what you have to work with (or worse don’t like what you do have).

      Book a closet clean up with our organizing maven Tia. It’s easy: email her at, set up a quick one on one meeting at the store and then book a time for her to come and make your life better (trust me an organized closet is an organized mind!)

      Cost: $100 for 2 hours plus you get a promo card for $75.


      4. My online dating pictures suck

      Yeah, they do. But it’s not entirely your fault, most guys just don’t have a lot of pictures of themselves so you’re regulated to bathroom or car selfies or blurry outdated pictures (trust us, they are all bad!)

      The solution? Our It’s A Match service! Book an appointment with, come by the Bathurst store and she’ll put you in three killer outfits and take pictures of you in different spots in the neighborhood on your phone (so you can immediately upload onto your dating profile). No obligation to buy anything but you'll instantly see the huge impact they make to get more swipe rights!

      If you want more dates and better quality matches you'll need to dress like the man women want to be with. Being a well-dressed man implies that you are smart, successful, and you get it. 

        Don’t believe us? Take a look at these makeovers.

        Cost: $100 plus you get a $75 promo card for GOTSTYLE


        5. I don’t have time to shop.

        Let’s bring the store to you! Book a consultation with the boss at She’ll come to your home or office, determine what you need, what size you are and your personal style (or what she thinks it should be!)

        For the next meeting, she’ll have a rolling rack full of clothes for you to try on. Keep what you like (always good to have your significant other around for a second opinion) and we can do all the pinning and marking at the same time if anything needs to be altered.

          Cost: No cost but you must have the Gotstyle mobile app downloaded with your credit card entered.