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Pig & Hen

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Inspired by the naval history of their country, Pig & Hen create strong, unique, and sustainable accessories that represent the courage and power of seafaring explorers. The brand’s name comes from tattoos sailors got for protection during journeys, meant to invoke the survival of pigs and hens, which were often the only things found after shipwrecks due to the buoyant crates the animals were kept in. ...

Every knot of a Pig & Hen bracelet is a nod to the enduring tenacity of the brave Dutch sailors who inspired the brand. Despite facing the vast unknown of international waters, these explorers uncovered new lands, cultures, and ways of life, while letting no obstacle stand in their way. More than just an accessory, your Pig & Hen bracelet will become a reminder of your potential for perseverance.

Handmade in Amsterdam, Pig & Hen bracelets are crafted from tough, heavy-duty materials that are made to last, even when exposed to the elements. Your waterproof bracelet is shower, sun, and swim-safe. You can even clean Pig & Hen bracelets with your washing machine’s cold cycle. Meant for daily wear, these bracelets are timeless, stylish, and complement any outfit. Simple yet chic, Pig & Hen designs will become your new favorite item. Shop in-store at our Toronto location or browse online and receive free shipping in Canada on orders over $150.