Discover fine Italian-made looks with our edit of Mason’s clothing

A nod to his grandfather’s Tuscan tailor shop, Mason’s is a fashion brand from Italy created by Giorgi Martini. The brand makes a variety of fine clothing for men and women but specializes in chino pants and cargo pants - their original set of products inspired by the fashionable function of military garments. ...

With precise fits and fine textiles, Mason’s clothing evokes the longstanding tradition of quality Italian craftsmanship and the innovative aspects of modern manufacturing. The brand’s mission is to provide practical, comfortable clothing that can take you from day to day while keeping you looking classy and clean. This concept is based on a unique approach to fashion - the desire to dress with elegance while maintaining a liberated lifestyle.

Shop our selection of Mason’s pants for men and women, made in Italy from premium fabrics and designs. Find the perfect pair of pants, with everything from chinos and cargo to capris and velour. Opt for relaxed styles or more structured fits - each pair of Mason’s pants are made to be timeless staples that can adapt to any trend.

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