Joop! Clothing

Joop! Clothing

Shop our curated collection of Joop! clothing including stylish quilted jackets, wool blazers, suit sets, dress shirts, and more.

First introduced to Americans in the mid-nineties at New York Fashion Week, Joop! has grown to be a staple in luxury wardrobes. Featuring classic styles with an effortless modern touch, Joop! Clothing is both timeless and contemporary. You’ll find fine details, premium fabrics, and uncompromised craftsmanship in each item from Joop!


Is Joop! a luxury brand?

JOOP!, pronounced "yope", is a German luxury fashion and cosmetics house that offers modern clothing styles.

What is Joop?

Joop! is a luxury German clothing brand that has been a leader in luxury fashion since the mid-90s, offering timeless pieces with modern touches. Each item is crafted with premium fabrics and fine details.

Does Joop! make men’s clothing?

Yes, Joop offers a variety of luxury men’s suits in multiple colors, sizes, and styles for any occasion. They also carry men’s coats, pants, blazers, pants, and vests. All are available to shop at Gotstyle online or in-store.

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