New Fit From Zanerobe: The Sharpshot Chino

Introducing the Zanerobe’s new fit, the Sharpshot chino

Zanerobe has always been on the forefront of streetwear and more importantly- chinos. Their Sureshot innovated the jogger trend by combining the best of both worlds: the comfort of a sweatpant with the look of a chino. Every man who’s tried on a pair ends up buying it.

Since then they’ve come out with new innovative pants and their latest fit is the Sharpshot Chino.

anatomy of the sharpshot chino

The Anatomy of the Sharpshot Chino

This style is more sophisticated than their predecessor but still as comfortable. It has a relaxed “carrot-fit” so it’s bigger in the thighs and starts to slim down from the knee. This makes it a great fit for both the slimmer guy and the athletic guy.

Not only is the fit superb, the comfort level is incomparable to any other pant. It has a slight drop crotch, who doesn’t like space in that area? It’s constructed of 98% cotton and 2% elastane stretch so there’s flexibility for optimal mobility.

How to Style the New Sharpshot Chino

Zanerobe also does us a favour and shows us how they’d style the chino. It’s got a clean look of a chino but still has enough swagger for the street. Completely ideal for layering so add on those tees, plaids and bombers.

zanerobe-sharpshot-chino2 zanerobe-sharpshot-chino1


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