Your Guide To A Casual Outfit

Here is your guide to dressing “casual” for this fall.

Yes, it would seem that we need to define what dressing casual is all about, given that some still consider walking around in pajama bottoms, a sweat shirt and flip-flops as appropriate attire. Seeing how you’ve graduated from university, perhaps it’s time your wardrobe did as well.

First stop: no fall wardrobe is complete without a classic knit sweater. It makes for a great layering piece without the added bulk of a heavy jacket. Your next fall investment should be a great pair of boots. We aren’t talking space boots but something more along the lines of a timeless brogue wing-tipped rubber sole boot. Even GQ hailed the boot as an “Essential” for this fall. For those less inclined to wear blue jeans 24/7, we recommend this great alternative by Dr. Denim. These are jeans that don’t look like jeans, but are jeans with a twist.

Get it? Got it! Moving along.

Lastly, no casual look is complete without a nice plaid shirt to keep you looking hunky, a beanie to keep your tender ears warm and a nice pair of shades to mask the signs of last night’s hangover.

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