Without Prejudice SS14 New Arrivals

Without Prejudice is everything you’ve come to love about British sartorial style, without the arrogance. In fact, the two brother who founded the company did so out of frustration, they were tired of all the over-hyped, under-performing menswear lines that were big on swagger but offered mediocre quality. In retaliation to those houses the boys created a label that communicated individuality over mass appeal and avoided falling into the staid prejudices of label-worship. The end result, a great brand that offers a truly great fit. WP gives you that tailored slim-straight look ideal for that athletic guy who’s got that fuller chest, arm and legs. It’s also the only suit brand we carry that offers a Drop 8, which essentially refers to the jacket to pant ratio. Most brands offer a drop 6 or 7 which means that if you’re a 42 jacket you’ll get a 35/36 pant. With a Drop 8 you’d get a 42 jacket with a 34′ pant, giving you that perfect inverted “V” look.

Don’t take our word for it, come in and try one some our new Spring arrivals and see for yourself, or, simply ask GSP (Georges St-Pierre) or Joffrey Lupul, it happens to be one their favourite suit brands.


Without Prejudice Kilburn Birdseye Wool Suit: $895


Without Prejudice Kilburn Chalk Pinstripe Suit: $895


Without Prejudice Reda Wool Suit: $895

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