Winning Corporate Teams: Get a Gotstyle Bonus!

From left to right: Ryan Donovan, Jon Erskine, Ben Soja, John Duff, Tom Fabian

Want a great corporoate incentive for your guys (that also gives back to you)?

How about a clothing incentive for your best performing sales guys? Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment did just that. They held a sales contest with all their guys, with the winning group winning a suit, shirt and tie at Gotstyle ($1,000 per guy) The best thing? Their upgraded style and professionalism will bring you in even more business! (so really a win – win!)

Here are the winning MLSE team in a before and after with their new threads.

Before, the guys were looking like they needed a little more polishing. So we got them all in suits…

They all clean up quite well!

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