The one store you need to visit during the Winter village

Christmas time is here, which means pain stakingly figuring out what Dad, or brother wants for Christmas! Well let us suggest an option. Buy local. Here are 4 simple reasons why local shopping is better.

Brands you can't find anywhere else. 

We carry over 20 different brands at GOTSTYLE, some are popular brands names, and others are smaller niche brands. With that being said most of these brands can't be found in Toronto and are usually from another city. At GOTSTYLE we have brands that may be difficult to find, or too expensive for you to "Take a chance" because of shipping and duties. Who wouldn't want a swim suit from a Swedish company?

We do the thinking

While we do carry over 20 brands we also have limited style and stock quantities. We do all the thinking for you, and asked all the questions you would ask yourself when buying for someone else. The limited quantities allow us to bring in more styles and pieces that are hard to find, but also make it more special for the gift receiver since not everyone will have it.


Shop your long list at one store. 

We have something for everyone. Yes we do custom suiting and styling for women's, mens, and non-binary. But we also have a number of different services that range from dinners, getting you boo'ed up, and cleaning out the skeletons in your closet. Don't just give the gift of style, but think about giving the gift of style knowledge, or maybe a fun experience for a group of family and friends. 

Local means Toronto

With a lot of local business's closing down in the last year we don't want to continue losing what make Toronto cool and stylish. Support to us means a more human and meaningful relationship with our clients. Highlighting other amazing Toronto entrepreneur's, and giving you proud feeling knowing that you're helping a 16 year old local business going. 



If you haven't heard this year is the year where you cannot procrastinate on your Christmas shopping. There have been news reports on how there will be inventory shortages for many retail stores big box ones and local. GOTSTYLE and other local retailers limits it's buying so there isn't too much leftover stock. We do our buying 1 year prior  meaning once items are gone, they are gone. Certain items can be restocked and made special order.