Why you need to step up your style game. Especially now.

We've been locked down for so long(almost 10 years). If you're like me you've been kind of socially deprived, and 'miss seeing a lot of people around you', accept it or not. But as of July 16 we're heading into phase 3. Phase 3 is probably the closest thing to 'back to normal' for now, and I can only assume that all that pent up energy to go out will be relieved soon. With that being said we think it's imperative to really bring up your style game. We're not just saying this because we're a clothing store, we're saying this to really prepare you, and possibly save your relationship! Here are 5 reasons why you need to step up your styling game:

1. As Drake said, "YOLO"

Life is too short. We love the traditional classic looks, don't get us wrong. But if you've been a dedicated shopper here, you know that we like to get you guys out of your comfort zone.  From getting you to wear a print, a colour other than navy and black, and to even getting some of you guys to wear a more slimmer (not skinny) pant. It's time to dress more fun, or to wear green even! 


2. Covid-19lbs

Let's face it. Some of us lost weight, and many of us gained weight. We're not shaming you, just a fact that many face. The plan is to get a gym membership and gain some muscle mass. But not everyone has time for the gym, or even want to go. Dressing up and dressing smart can make you look and feel like a million bucks. A well fitted jacket or shirt can give off the illusion of a slimmer figure without lifting a dumb-bell. We also have various brands that fit different body types, and have many casual clothes for men that have some stretch. If you can't find anything that fits like a glove, we also have our made to measure program, for suits, and dress shirts! 


3. Re-ignite that spark

If you were lucky enough to cuff a quarantine bae,(or have been dating one before lockdown) then you're relationship has really been put to the test. Trapped in the confines of a singular space where going out meant a night on the sofa. It's time to treat your partner. They're probably used to seeing you in some sweats, and a mustard stained t-shirt. Make them realized how good you look when you "clean up your look". Go out for dinner and be the eye candy they are proud to be with, and possibly they will forget the time you left your dishes in the sink. 

If you don't have a partner I think it's obvious as to why you should dress nice. It's cuffing year! 

4. Don't come up too short

This is related to #3. I personally feel that most people will overdress. This may be because people got new clothes they had for months and super excited to wear. Or they are really looking to be spoken too at the bar. Spending some time on King West last week, the girls are dressed to the 9's! You would think TIFF is happening. Sidewalks are the new bars, and clubs. As for the guys it's really 10-100. You see the black skinny jean, and boxy plain shirt, or you see a guy decked out in a fitted blazer, complete with suede(or croc) loafers, and bling rings. We're not saying to dress like Pitbull(maybe some of his looks), but we are saying, stop dressing like those dudes in a denim and plain shirt. At least dress it up with a blazer, or wear our favourite, a Cuban collar shirt. You're not doing yourself any favours, and probably won't get into that now super guest limited club. 

going out outfit for men


5. Support local

The previous reasons are important, but this one is a bit close to home. There was a post I saw stating that every-time we went into lockdown we lose 10% of local business's. Not sure if that's fully accurate, but seeing the "FOR LEASE" signs is proof enough. We appreciate our customers, and people who engage with us on social media. Local business's from food, retail, and event spaces really make Toronto unique. We do the extensive shopping for you, so when you come in you can relax knowing that answered all those questions you would ask yourself when you're shopping. 


If you need some help with styling, and wowing the locals around you. You can always book a private styling appointment. It'll be a more personalized shopping experience, and you'll get the knowledge of our experience stylists.