Why you need to buy a raincoat now



As Torontonians, we are used to poking fun of Vancouver with their rain, dark clouds and depressing weather come Spring (full disclosure I used to live in Vancouver for a few years and hated living there because of the rain). Well recently things have been changing, Vancouver got some of our snow and we are getting lots of their rain, a lot of it. For the longest time, you really didn’t need a rain coat living in Toronto, you needed to invest in a Parka for sure but rain was something that would maybe come for a few days in April. Well, it’s now May and we are supposed to get a month’s worth of rain in the next few days. Forecasts are calling for flooding and intense rain for the next few weeks. Yikes!

My normal instinct when it comes to rain is to stay inside, usually in bed….but last year I invested in a heavy duty raincoat by Stutterheim of Sweden (their motto is Swedish Melancholy at it’s driest). It’s bright yellow, seam-sealed (so 100% waterproof) and has a hood. I have to say every since I got the raincoat I’m kind of ok with rain because I no longer get soaked. Simple concept, I hated the rain before because I never had a proper raincoat and I always forgot to bring an umbrella with me (or I would bring one out and of course leave it somewhere) so I would always get soaked in the rain and therefore never wanted to go out. Now I have a proper raincoat, I don’t get soaked (not do I have to worry about carrying an umbrella) and now I laugh at the weather.

If it’s going to be like this for the next month, you can’t not afford to stay the month in bed. You’ve got to show mother nature who’s boss. Buy a raincoat, stay dry and be happier!

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