Why you need a velvet blazer

The holidays are around the corner, and that means there are going to be a lot of parties. From charity galas, work parties, and New Years! The end of the year is all about celebrating. And because we've been locked up for 2 years, being able to be in the same room with more than 10 people means you shouldn't hold back style wise. This is where a velvet blazer(or suit) comes in. 

Velvet is a luxurious fabric. Usually used for evening events in the fall winter season because of it's thickness it also is a dream to touch (and if you don't know the cute girl at the bar will tell you).  Now velvet comes in various different colours, and styles, and while it's luxurious some guys might run from it because of it's shine. In certain lighting velvet will give off a shine but not too much where you're a disco ball, more of a subtle flare to a regular wool or cotton suit. We styled our model in different velvet blazers for 'varying formal' events because not everyone has a black tie event to go too. 

Not afraid of colour

Life of the party
Some guys would see a blue velvet blazer and wear a black or white shirt, and complete it with a black dress pant. This is for the guy who isn't scared to stand out. The contrasting maroon pant with a royal blue velvet compliment each other, while also contrasting. To create harmony and cohesion we used a patterned shirt. It had both variations of the colours in the print while having a neutral base colour of a dark navy. Dressing for the holidays should be fun, and you should reflect that feeling with your look. 


Party on Top
SublteDetailed shot of a velvet blazer

Speaking of dressing fun. Take a look at this outfit! This is for someone who likes colour and pattern, but doesn't want too much attention (mainly because he didn't want to outshine his girl). We have velvet blazers in emerald green, black, camel, and what I like to call Prince purple rain. Match your button up shirt with your blazer like the photo above. It adds dimension and makes it more playful. To make things easier go with your standard black or grey dress pant. You'll be fun but still conservative- style wise, not action wise. With the second photo you can really see the versatility and colour shifts of the blazer due to how the light hits it.

Expect the unexpected 

Velvet polka dot blazer

When someone says they're going to wear a velvet blazer they will expect blazers like the other 2 looks. But this is a nice take on a velvet blazer. Hits of velvet on the collar and all over the blazer as dots. This velvet blazer has a pattern on it already, so we suggest going for a plain top, like a turtle neck. It's not a "loud" outfit by any-means, it's more of a "ooooo" that you'd say to yourself if you saw someone else wear it, or if you were looking in a mirror. 

We have MANY different styles of velvet, and blazers that are perfect for holiday parties or any event coming up. Checkout our other styles here. Or come by and see everything we got! 

*Any styles that you liked that aren't online try giving us a call! 416-260-9696*