Be Bold 3 bold suits you'll actually wear.


When you want to stand out from everyone else in the room.


It could be a gala event, wedding, formal work function, restaurant opening party; any place where you want to be the Dos Equis man AKA the most interesting man in the room. Because let's face it, any guy that's going to wear a bold suit when everyone else is in black and grey, has got to be someone you want to talk to.


When you go bold, keep the rest of the outfit simple so you don't end up looking like a dandy. No one wants to see a bold colored suit, with a bright colored shirt and a poufy patterned pocket square.

You want to keep the bold confident and refined. Keep the shirt in a solid neutral (think white, black or light grey/blue/pink) or micro patterned (like a small dot or mini houndstooth). Button the shirt up to the neck for a clean "air tie" look. Keep the pocket square crisp white if you decide to wear one.

Another Spring favorite is a slim fit polo (which is not the same as a golf shirt!) in a subtle pattern worn under a suit. It's not as formal as a collared shirt and tie but more classier than just a tee shirt.

So when it comes to choose what you're wearing, decide who you want to be?


Be Bold, wear a bold colored suit.