What's New: Winter Scarves from Altea, Psycho Bunny, Hamaki-ho

Altea ombre scarf $98, Altea plaid scarf $128.

The first snowflakes have landed on Toronto sidewalks today, it’s officially that time of the year. Our shelves are stacked full of scarves; an inexpensive, timeless, and easy way to update your winter look, most importantly add warmth. Without buying new outerwear every season, you can make the Canadian winter less painful by adding a couple scarves.

Hamaki-ho scarf $75.

Psycho Bunny stripe scarf $159.

Psycho Bunny’s preppy polos and sweaters extend into scarves that are perfect for young professionals with it’s sharp design and youthful graphics. Bonus, the bright blue stripe can brighten up the greyest winter days.

Altea printed scarf $188.

Altea black tonal check scarf $158.

Where to start? With basic neutral scarves that can be worn with any outfit on any day of the week. Let them reflect your style while keeping you warm and protected from the elements.

Altea plaid scarf $148.

Altea plaid scarf $98.

Our favourites for this year are easily Altea’s plaid wool scarves. When does plaid go out of style? Being Canadian, winter wear has to be both warm and look good. A flannel scarf in colourful plaids does just that. Wear it casually looped around your neck, or polish it up for the work week by tucking it under your coat.

Altea warm plaid scarf $88,

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