What's New: United Kingdom of Luke

Blue t-shirt $60, denim chambray shirt $110.

You wanted polos, so we got some! From the UK comes United Kingdom of Luke, a new casual line we’ve added to the Gotstyle shelves. Guys can never have enough practical, stylish casual wear – or polos. As a bonus, they’re decently priced and break loose from the typical basic design with great added details. LUKE won the Draper award last year – honouring the best in new British brands, we have the collection exclusive in Toronto.

Striped polos $90 each.

We’re jumping on the striped polo trend, there’s way too many solids out there and we always want our guys to stand out. Of course, we’ve got classic solid polos in suitable navy blue but detailed so they don’t look basic.

Blue polo $75, breaker polo $85.

Checked shirts $110 each.

Grey jacket $125, plaid jacket $125.

Coming into the end of Summer (don’t worry, we’re thinking ahead) could mean needing a light jacket, which is exactly why we got these two ultra light jackets.

Beige shirt $110, military shirt $110.

Finally, for the guys who mix casual with workwear are some military-inspired shirts.

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