What's New: Tombolini TConcept + Haight & Ashbury + Double Rainbo... err, Lapels

If you’ve been browsing our new racks, you may have come across some new & interesting lapel designs from our Fall collection. Tailored to make you stand out from the crowd.

The new it blazer from Haight & Ashbury (right) includes a shiny, carbon fiber patterned print on the lapel. Something we haven’t seen before that we needed on our racks, pronto! Priced at $395.

From Tombolini’s TConcept line is the double lapel blazer (below). That’s right, a double lapel. The front lapel and jacket are made with soft cotton and the lining a deep satin red. Expect a slim cut, much like their suits. Priced at $550.

Almost as awesome as a double rainbow.

Can’t say we could beat the Double Rainbow Guy‘s excitement, but we were equally thrilled. On the inside.

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