What's New: Tees & Shorts from Zanerobe

Zanerobe from Australia is another spring inclusion that we’re super excited to present: its vintage and vibrant style of tees, tanktops, and shorts bring out the fun of spring. Don’t worry, winter will be over sooner than you think.

The brand’s design ethos is deeply entrenched in traditional streetcar, synthesized seamlessly with non-conventional, contemporary retrospective themes and applications. The love of framing vintage sporting eras, reviving precious design and social elements, and restoring them faithfully in collections for au courant’ commercial audiences.

Zanerobe is available at varying price points: singlets/tanktops are $70-85, tees are $85-95, and shorts (Vylan’s staff pick of the month) are $125-150.

Don’t forget to check their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection video too!

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