What's New: Ted Baker

Blazers, shirts, knits, bags… you name it. Ted Baker is back to bring a bit of colour for spring.

In previous years, we’ve carried the American fit, built for larger frames. New for this season is the English fit: a much slimmer cut. If you’re familiar with the Endurance series, one of their most popular series, you’ll love the fit.

As seen above (by row):

  • Ted Baker golf tee (black), $110
  • Ted Baker knit sweater (blue), $150
  • Ted Baker knit sweater (gray), $175
  • Ted Baker duffle bag (black), $450
  • Ted Baker messenger bag (brown), $295
  • Ted Baker blazers, $495
  • Ted Baker shirt (solid with floral trim), $175
  • Ted Baker shirts (bottom row, business section), $150
  • Ted Baker ties, $95

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