What's New: Sweaters

Michael Kors hoodies $350

We’ve covered the latest and greatest in fall jackets, suits, trousers and today we touch upon one of the most quintessential fall essentials: sweaters. Whether you prefer the classic jumper, pull over, or cardigan there are plenty options catering to any man’s style. Let’s start with these ever versatile Derby hoodies from Michael Kors. Made from a blend of cashmere/nylon/spandex these hoodies are not only comfortable but make for a great basic for your everyday casual wardrobe.

Ted Baker sweaters (left) $250, (right) $200

For those of you looking for something a bit more professional, we offer these great options from Ted Baker. These pieces are light, thin, and ideal for layering. When you’re in an office meeting, temperature can get difficult and the last thing you want is to start a strip show because your body is overheating. These sweaters offer the right amount of warmth without sending your body into thermal overload. They can be worn alone or paired under a nice tweed or corduroy blazer.

Phil Petter cable-knit sweater $450

Chunky cable knit sweaters are the pinocale when it comes to keeping you warm and cozy, short of looking like an eskimo. In my opinion sweaters like this are great for layering when doing outdoor activities. Whether your hitting up Niagara’s wine country for the last time this season or taking stroll by the harbourfront, having a chunky cable knit sweater is the smartest thing you could wear either on its own or under a jacket.

MINEDRD pacman sweater $150

Now for a little fun. Having a sweater with an emblazoned Sanata Clause may prove to be comical, having teenage mutant ninja turtles on your sweater may prove to be juvinile, but, having Pac-Man on your sweater is just brilliant. The only other thing in my opinion that rivals Pac-man is either Space Invader or Tetris and neither of those games has ever received a bad wrap. So if you are looking to be a little different and express your youthful enthusiasm for the season owning this MINEDRD pacman sweater is exactly what you need to do.

Phil Petter sweater $450, Marshall Artist sweater $150, Ted Baker sweater $350

With all the options we’ve shown you thus far layering has definitely been the secondary objective. For the most part most of the items we’ve featured are meant to be worn on their own, so what happens if you are someone like me that LOVES to layer? Dont’ worry these options from Ted Baker, Phil Petter, and Marshall Artist will help scratch that itch. These 3 options are great for layering, so feel free to pull out that dress shirt, vest, tie, scarf and layer away. Use these items as casual outerwear or layered under your coat, either way the options for mixing and matching are endless!

Canterbury of New Zealand cashmere sweater $450

This last option is something for that guy that has everything. Mixing a little bit of casual (sweatshirt style) with formal (cashmere) this sweater adds a nice twist the conventional and will be the most cozy item in your closet.

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