What's New: Summer Footwear from Valsport & Penguin

Just in – two great footwear pieces to keep you (and your toes) looking fresh for the summer!


Keeping in line with the World Cup craze at Gotstyle, new Valsport sneakers are in that feature multiple designs of white, blue and red. The first soccer/football shoe brand out of Italy are perfect for wearing with your summer shorts and in your jeans on the patio.

Valsport sneakers, $95

Made from nylon, these Valsport sneakers will keep your feet cool, and when push comes to shove, will take a splash with integrity. Hit those water park rides at Canada’s Wonderland with confidence!

Valsport sneakers, $85


And if sandals are more your thing, these new sandals from Penguin combine great design with favourable colours.

Penguin sandals, $35

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