What's New: Stolen Riches

Some guys have everything, and other guys are all about the details. Shoelaces often fall through the cracks when we’re getting dressed, even if you have everything and pay attention to details. Stolen Riches is ahead of the trend (which will be sure to come once your co-workers see your bold laces). Bright laces are a sure way to get noticed, and add a twist to your everyday basics shoes.

Aside from looking awesome, they’re made to last. To give the laces strength and longevity, they’re made from colourfast Nylon. Meaning the laces won’t break and the colours will stay bright. Every pair of Stolen Riches laces are guaranteed to last for the life of your shoes. Plus, they’re Canadian.

For only $17.50 a pair, they make a great gift or an addition to your own closet.

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