What's New: Spring Sport Coats

Save the solids, wools, and neutrals for your suits – Invest in some sport coats for Spring. Colour, pattern, and texture are what Spring 2012 sport coats are made of.

A good sport coat is an everyday item, something that bridges the gap between work and evening pleasure. They’re often the most versatile piece in a man’s closet. Our price point ranges from $225 to $650 – so they’re also great for guys who are just starting to build their wardrobe and need versatile pieces at good prices.

LAB shiny sport coat $650, Stones plaid seersucker sport coat $495.

Even though “dressy casual” is a huge trend this season, a sport coat can last several seasons when they’re worn with the right pieces. Casually, they work well with jeans, and for something more formal they can be worn with chinos or matching pants.

The great thing about sport coats is they don’t require a tie or pocket square, so if you don’t like feeling too dressed up, they offer a more simple solution.

Stones linen sport coat $225, Stones denim sport coat $450.

SAND linen sport coat $695, Stones Lionel sport coat $450.

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