What's New: School of Hustle T-Shirts

T-shirts are priced at $45.

T-shirts; you wear them to the gym, throw them on for a lazy weekend, or wear them under other shirts. They don’t need to be fancy, and in an over-saturated marketplace it’s even harder to stand out. Enter School of Hustle, a t-shirt company with good designs, a good cause, and a lot of positive energy.

The end product is a high quality t-shirt, but the brand is far deeper than that. With a common goal of building a brand with a solid set of values, Dhani Oks, founder of the Academy of Lions and the George Sully Project launched School of Hustle in 2011. They provide at-risk urban youth with an opportunity to begin a career, get off the street, and build skills.

They’re hand-printed in Toronto (by the at-risk urban youth) and made from fair trade, North American-sourced fabrics, lion’s thread as they call it. Their vintage feel and slim fit are quickly making them a Toronto favourite. The biggest fans are amongst the Toronto athletic elite (Brett Lawrie, CFL Hall of Famer Damon Allen and Raptors/NBA Broadcasters Paul Jones and Sherman Hamilton to name a few) who have embraced the brand as a true expression of the values Toronto embraces. JP Arencibia has been spotted wearing School of Hustle tees and Colby Armstrong from the Leafs and Kevin Weeks from Hockey Night in Canada have been heard talking about them. All this love has spilled over into the social media world.

The three symbols in the School of Hustle seal are a tree to represent growth, process and making something big out of something small. The lion represents leadership and strength along with being the primary symbol of the Academy of Lions. Finally, the crown represents achievement and success.

If you want to know more about the great work your new favourite t-shirt is doing, check out the School of Hustle radio show. A t-shirt with a radio show? That’s one hard working shirt!

You can pick up your own School of Hustle shirt for $45 exclusively at Gotstyle.

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