What's New: Sans Vanite + Hiltl Pants

Vancouver based label Sans Vanite has made its way back onto our racks this fall with new tees, henleys, and hoodies.

It’s soft and slim fitting with an emphasis to detail. The black and greys are sure to blend you into the fall season for your casual days and nights out in the city. Different styles to choose from, be sure to try one on!

X-rated tee priced at $89. Henley and hoodie ranges from $130 to $189.

Melissa says “the Sans Vantie henley and hoodie is the prefect upgrade for whatever sweatshirt / polar fleece you’re wearing now – they’re as comfty but way more stylish.”

Really liking that tweed jacket Joa picked out as his favourite this fall? The old school patterns are making a return this fall, with a new pair of pant from Hiltl, available in plaid and herringbone (pictured below). If you plan on making a statement with the classics this fall, you can start with these. Priced at $295 each.

Melissa says “the new alternative to denim pants we got in are sooo easy to co-ordinate with because with different colors woven into the fabric you have so many more options for matching. For example the pant below, you can wear it with brown cord sportcoat or a blue v-neck sweater or a grey oxford shirt and a wool knit tie or a black cashmere hoodie or a…….”

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