What's New: SAND

Danish fashion house SAND continues to combine tailored fits with European charm for their Spring 2012 collection. Definitely not for the wallflower kinda guy, this collection is full of bright, contrasting colours and patterns.

Once the warmer weather comes, patio season and summer social events will quickly fill up your agenda. These are the perfect shirts to go from paired with a suit at the office to worn without the jacket or blazer at social events.

Purple and orange gingham shirt $195, Blue and orange striped shirt $195.

Orange gingham shirt $195 with a Tiger of Sweden tuxedo jacket. Plaid shirt $225.

SAND was always at the forefront of having the newest stripes and plaids in their collection. Now for Spring they’ve added in some great new prints and mirco patterns.

Blue and white floral shirt $250.

Paisley shirt $225, micro paisley print shirt $225.

Like the SAND Creative Director says, “These are pieces that are easy to live with and hard to get rid of.”

Green gingham shirt $198, floral shirt $250.

Color is the hot trend for Spring. Look for orange and green to be the new fashion colors for guys (easier to relate to then the pinks and purples of the past seasons).

For spring weight blazers, we just got in two stunners! A light blue cotton blazer with satin taping, perfect for summer weddings and social events for $750. This navy blue pin textured blazer is perfect for red carpet worthy events or when you want to impress on date nights. $795

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