What's New: Poggianti Shirts From Italy

Printed denim with contrast inside collar and cuff $275.

Made in Italy, this denim friendly shirt collection has been making great shirts since 1950’s.

What makes this brand special is that each shirt is customized for each store, every detail is chosen by the buyer so no store will have the same shirt. We might want it with a blue contrast, another store will have it in a purple contrast. In the days of mass produced merchandise, it’s great to find a company that takes the time to do small production runs for stores to make the product special.

Printed shirt $250.

I was also able to get Poggianti to cut an exclusive fit for us because I find most XXL are cut wide but not tall enough for our guys. Poggianti XXLs are made longer in the body and the sleeve; for the perfect fit for guy over 6 feet tall (who doesn’t want to be wearing a shirt tent!). We also go up to a 3XL for the big boys.
Striped shirt with print, contrast under collar, cuff and pocket $265.

Purple with blue contrast collar, placket and cuff $265.

Plaid with contrast taping $275.

Solid denim with contrast stitch detail $250.

Last time David Ortiz was in town he said he was over Robert Graham and picked up five Poggianti shirts instead!

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