What's New: Plaid Shirts from Gsus and Horst

Gsus flanel plaid shirt $115.

Plaid, denim, and corduroy are three sure fire ways to look great for fall. No longer is plaid just for weekends; it’s for the office and night life, too. Solid colours and light patterns are great for the summer, but a switch to deeper colours and bolder patterns are always a welcome change.

Horst navy plaid shirt $118.

Shirts that fall somewhere between casual and workweek are great for younger guys, or guys with more lax dress codes. A plaid shirt like the one above can go with jeans during the weekend, out to a social event, to a meeting, or to the office. For the amount of use you’ll get from it, it’s a steal.

Horst plaid shirt $118.

There’s the classic flannel plaid shirts in greens, reds, and blues, but there’s also work-appropriate plaids. To take plaid into the office, look for monochromatic and low contrast plaids like this Horst one.

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