What's New: Peckham & Rye Bow Ties

Welcome to the wonderful world of bow ties.

Growing up, I always associated bow ties with formal events such as, black tie dinners, New Years celebrations, and who can forget prom. It wasn’t until I saw a veteran on the subway wearing a paisley bow tie with a crisp double breasted grey suit that my eyes were opened to the world of endless possibilities. I felt like I finally had the license to not only wear a bow tie during the day; but to wear one that wasn’t black.

All excited, I embarked to purchase my very own "non-black" bow tie. There were two things I learned very quickly on my expedition, one to avoid purchasing a ready-made bow tie. There are only a handful of designers that make them well and as one shop keeper once told me, "If you're going to do it, do it right" and by that he meant get a self-tie bow tie. Fortunately for you, we have a tutorial that teaches you just how to do that, and trust me when I say it's a skill worth learning. You wouldn’t ask your mom to tie your tie would you?! (please say no).

Rule number two, not all bow ties are created equal. There’s silk bow ties, cotton bow ties, knit bow ties… the list goes one. Point I'm trying to make is to take your time and find the ones that are right for you and for your occasion.

Once again, we are here to help in that department. Fortunately, with the new stock of bow ties from Peckham & Rye you may just be able to kill 2 birds with one stone. Let’s just say that with over 200 year under their belt in the fine tailoring business they know a thing or two about making a good bow ties, they are known in the UK as a Heritage Super Brand. These bow ties come in a range of patterns, colours and styles suitable for any occasion. Whether you are pairing it with a nice plaid shirt, chinos, deck shoe and denim blazer or looking to add some spice to your evening dinner jacket, these bow ties are guaranteed to make the perfect addition to your outfit. They are self tie bow ties, but they do come pre-tied when they arrive in the store and can be put on without undoing them (in case you haven’t mastered our tutorial yet).

You're welcome!

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