What's New: Paste T-Shirts

Paste graphic tees are all hand-silk screened in Brooklyn, NY by Jason Laurits. They’re enzyme washed (so they’re pre-shrunk), which also helps to give a vintage soft feel. Through a digital medium, Jason copies, cuts and paste over his own photographs, old maps, public pictures, whatever he can find to create his bold, whimsical and irreverent collages.

The graphic t-shirt market is over-saturated with shirts featuring conceptual images, Paste aims to bring fun and narrative to the market. Because of this approach, Paste shirts have gained not only an international following via retail; but they’ve also been featured in several art exhibitions across North America and Europe.

SAM t-shirt: An iconic image, now he’s sweetening the deal, perhaps bribing, perhaps some damage control?

All t-shirts are $55.

GOLDFISH t-shirt: Fish out of water sort-of-thing. Some things just don’t work and just don’t make sense.
JAZZ t-shirt: A proper jazz band set-up getting the full Jason Laurtis Kaleidoscope treatment.
GAND t-shirt: Not presidents, but composers. Beethoven leads the pack with Mozart, Bach, Handel and Tchaikovsky following. Hardcore in their day.
BIRDCAGE t-shirt: caged bird, still flying. Too big for it’s cage.Goorin Bros straw fedora $45.
WORLD t-shirt: Another kaleidoscope, this time of world monuments.
HAMSTERRIOT t-shirt: Rioting hamsters (need we say more?).

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