What's New: Paste T-shirts

Our favorite artisan t-shirt line from Brooklyn is back in the store.

Paste's graphic tees, designed by artist Jason Laurits, are hand-silkscreened in Brooklyn, NYC. Artwork is printed on Made-in-the-USA, 100% cotton tees that are enzyme-washed to battle shrinkage and to give a vintage-soft feel.

Through a digital medium, Laurits copies, cuts, and pastes over and over again to create the bold, whimsical, sometimes insightful, sometimes irreverent collages that Paste has become known for.

Laurits pulls from photographs of his own and ones found in the public domain, as well as old maps, vintage fabrics, family keepsakes, antique wallpaper, and anything else he can think of to get the perfect tee image.

I also love them because of the colors he uses for the t-shirts – perfect for transitioning into Fall with rust reds, deep greens and mint greys.

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