What's New: Outerwear by Spiewak

Thoreau pea coat in black with leather trim $395.

Over 100 years ago, Isaac Spiewak began Spiewak by producing sheepskin vests that he sold to dockworkers on New York City’s waterfront. A century later, they’re still focused on producing high-quality, warm outerwear.

Celebrities like Jason Segal, Jude Law, Shia LaBoeuf, and even Hugh Grant have been spotted in their Spiewak coats. New Yorkers love the brand so much that September 23 was named Spiewak Day in 2004.

Having built the Spiewak brand on making highly durable outerwear (the also produce uniforms for firefighters, law enforcement, medical professionals, and industrial companies) it’s no surprise that durability and solid construction translated into their retail pieces.

Pearson duffle coat in herringbone wool $395.

All of our Spiewak coats have a Thinsulate Insulation lining (trademark of 3M) which inch for inch is nearly 1 1/2 times warmer than down without the bulk. It stays warm even when it’s damp outside and it’s soft and breathable for your comfort.

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