What's New: Nobis Parkas

Cartel bomber in black or white $750.

I’ll spare you the painful remind of what kind of weather is lurking right around the corner; all you need to know is that Nobis parkas are warm enough for any weather. They’re out on the floor now, so come in before they’re all spoken for.

Yatesy Parka in grey or black $950.

Canadians need a brand that puts comfort and warmth first, which is exactly what Nobis stands for. These parkas are seriously built for whatever kind of weather you manage to find yourself stuck in. Canadian duck down keeps you warm, and a combination of the Sympatex lining and cross-woven polyester shell keep you both dry and warm as they’re windproof and waterproof – all while being breathable and lightweight. Throw in a coyote fur hood that you can shape to your face, and you’re ready for winter.

No more soggy parkas and layering with three sweaters!

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