What's New: Naked Boxer Briefs

You’ve been invited to come upstairs and now it’s the moment of truth – you are about to get naked! Are you going to ruin the mood when you drop down to your briefs?

We have an idea – show yourself off in your Naked Boxer Briefs! Available in black, these boxers are made from Italian microfibre and provide a sensual feel to the skin. It’s touted as a man’s lingerie. And you can pick up your own for your lucky nights for $35.

Read up on our media launch last month for Naked Briefs (even more have popped online since the last time we blogged about it!):

Event | NaKeD Boxer Briefs Launch at GOTSTYLE – Fashionights
Out and About and All Around – Mommy Doings

Photos courtesy of our attendees above!

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