What's New: Moose Knuckles Parkas

Moose Knuckle parkas are back out on the shelves! These made in Canada, 100% down filled parkas are packed with details that’ll keep you warm in any weather: water repellant exterior, down-proof lining, detachable hood with blue fur trim and drawstrings, wind flaps, and fleece-lined pockets.

It’s tough to think about blizzards and -20 degree weather, but preparing for another Canadian winter is easy with parkas like this.

Ballistic bomber $750.

Stirling parka $795.

If warmth is your main concern, a longer parka keeps more of your body warmer. Bonus, the Stirling parka is long enough to wear with suits.

Debbie bomber $695.

We can’t keep our men warm without thinking about their ladies too! Not to say matching parkas is a good idea, but hey, when they look this good and they’re this warm, two Moose Knuckles aren’t bad at all. For the ladies, Moose Knuckle offers the same styles and the same details in the Debbie bomber and Stirling parka.

Stirling parka $795.

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