What's New: M. Cohen Jewelry (again)

Here’s our second run at the new M. Cohen jewelry pieces that just arrived last week – this time with more to read!

Each month, M. Cohen releases new styles, each piece is handmade in his Los Angeles studio. All pieces are timeless and have been called a collector’s items by many, as some pieces are more rare than others. Each and every piece is guaranteed for life. M.Cohen works with sterling silver, brass, gold plated sterling silver, yak bone, ivory, rare coins and more. The bone beads are actual yak bone. Many of these designs are released in extremely limited quantities as well as one of a kind pieces. The collection is made to layer – you can wear one or 10 at a time, it’s up to the individual.

Cohen’s up and coming unisex line is an easy wear for men. His combinations of leather and silver offer a rough yet delicate and trendy upscale appearance, and are great for layering.

M.Cohen pieces have been rocked by celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi, Buckcherry, Colin Farrell, David Cook, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and many more. They have also been featured in films and television shows including Dexter, The Hills, American Idol, The Next Great American Band, Hancock, The Game Plan, and magazines such as Us Weekly, Star, 944, and Spin.

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