What's New: Life/After/Denim

Green shorts $90.

There is life after denim, which is exactly what L.A.’s Life/After/Denim is all about. You won’t see jeans from them, just timeless casual pieces that have a preppy and North American sensibility. We’ve recently stocked our shelves with a bunch of their pieces, they’re quickly becoming a favourite of our staff and customers. And did I mention the extremely reasonable price point?

Yellow & grey checked lodge shirt $90, blue striped shirt $90, both worn with red chino shorts $80.

Checked shirt $80, grey checked long-sleeved lodge shirt $135.

This weekend marks the start of Summer, we’ll be spending more time outside at the beach, cottage, camping, backyard barbecues, on patios, and anything else under the sun. You’ll need an effortless Summer wardrobe, stacked with pieces easy to make into outfits; which is what Life/After/Denim brings us.

Although they don’t produce any jeans and their brand is called Life/After/Denim, their shirts are all meant to be paired with jeans. If you’re not a jeans guy, don’t worry. They make great lightweight chino pants and shorts. I’m especially loving their jersey lined lodge shirts, the perfect solution for campfires and hiking, or hanging out at the cottage on cooler days.

Blue chino shorts $80.

Rugby shirt $90, white chino pant $105, John Varvatos leather sandals $150. Plaid long-sleeved shirt $90, corduroy shorts $90, grey cotton jacket $225.

White & blue polos $65 each, worn with Parke and Ronen swim shorts $95.

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