What's New: Leather Jackets by Superdry, SAND, and Rogue

From legends like Steve McQueen & Frank Sinatra to modern day style icons Brad Pitt and Jude Law nothing says timeless fashion than owning the perfect leather jacket. Just like a well tailored suit and shirt a good quality leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and by far one of the most classic and versatile items that you can own. A well chosen leather jacket can easily take you from a casual Autumn afternoon to a fun night out on the town in a matter of seconds. So how do you pick the right leather jacket for you?

Superdry black leather jacket $550.

Details! As with everything today it's all in the details. Take for example this black Superdry leather jacket $550 or the chocolate brown Rogue leather jacket $595 (bottom left). The wonderful high collar allows for simple wardrobe changes. Pop the collar for a casual look, or fold the collar down for something low key. Take-in the added details of the pockets and shoulder straps and you have a jacket that definitely showcases some personality.

Juxtaposed to that we have this beautiful SAND jacket ($1450, right) for someone a bit more classic. The Mandarin collar clearly showcases a refined aesthetic and the clean sillouette allows for you to easily carry this jacket from work casual to evening dinner without any fuss.

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