What's New: Le Specs Sunglasses

Matte black sunglasses $60.

Hailing from Australia, Le Specs has been the dominating sunglass brand of choice for the people down under. Twenty years later, Le Specs relaunched in 2006 with the same approach to style – updating classic shapes with modern details. Whether you prefer to keep your sunnies classic, or if you like bright colours and unexpected shapes, you can’t go wrong with their price point and options.

Miami Nights sunglasses $60.

Square Chaos sunglasses $70.

Miss Fit sunglasses $70.

Long Beach sunglasses $70.

Lord Curious sunglasses $50.

Jetson sunglasses $60.

Matte denim sunglasses $70.

Insomnia sunglasses $50.

Tokyo Hotel sunglasses $60.

Digital Nomad sunglasses $70.

Pool Shark sunglasses $70.

Wasteland sunglasses $70.

Tuxedo sunglasses $70.

Fast & Famous sunglasses $60.

Scarface sunglasses $80.

Los Coco sunglasses $50.

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