What's New: LAB by Pal Zileri & Drykorn Winter Jackets

I’m a big believer that guys should own more than one outerwear jacket, you need a Fall casual one for everyday and weekends, a more formal one for business and evening and a hard core winter one for when it’s minus 30 out. We’ve got some new ones in from LAB by Pal Zileri and Drykorn that will fit the bill for your everyday outerwear. Remember your jacket is the first thing that people see, so make sure you are making an entrance!

Lab jacket is $750

Functional and stylish this jacket has a quilted liner that zips up to the neck for added protection. It’s super light weight and the perfect throw-on when it looks like it’s going to get rainy and stormy out.

Leather is making a huge comeback, good thing because the leather jacket you have in your closet is the boxy shapeless style from the 90’s. Leather jackets are an investment piece and the right one will last you for years only getting better and more worn in as you wear it. Lab’s leather jacket is well priced at $1495, with great detailing and styling.

The military trend is still in this winter, Drykorn makes this suede jacket perfect for the military look. This is a great casual jacket that will add a bit of colour to your outfit while being warm and comfortable and makes a great statement piece.

Scarves pictured with jackets are by Allea and priced at $150.

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