What's New: more love from Johnny Love

Cassidy wool jacket $650, Persol sunglasses $339.

We featured some new Johnny Love outerwear on the blog before, but we’ve got more in! And now is the perfect time to be shopping for a winter coat.

Through combining traditional pieces with modern details, Johnny Love is easily a favourite of many Gotstyle customers. They’re equally suited for work or leisure, and have more detail and style than the usual plain black wool coat.

Currently, we are the only store in Canada selling this hot Norwegian collection.

Kane grey wool jacket with leather trim $750.

As with most Scandinavian brands, Johnny Love is cut trim through the body with a longer sleeve (so great for tall guys that can never find anything to fit them!) All of their jackets are made with 100% Italian wool and thanks to nanotechnology they’re also water resistant.

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