What's New: John Varvatos

Double layered vest priced at $265, lace-up crew neck shirt $98.

John Varvatos, to me, is sex sportswear. They combine a rugged, masculine styling that every man will look good in, with easy to understand pieces. This is a great collection for the guy who isn’t into fashion but is into good style (and sex!).

Slim fit cotton shirt $175, leather blazer $1298.

JV is also a great brand to update your basics with. I find a lot of guys have been wearing the same t-shirt, hoodie and cargo pants for years (I’m guilty, having worn the same ill-fiting ratty cargo pants for going on 6 years). Like everything else in your wardrobe, everything needs an update once in awhile. Remember casualness is not the same as sloppiness.

Double breasted officer jacket $475, waffle henley $175. Blue shirt $175, reversible hoody $215, cargo pants $250.

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