What's New: gsus Casual Wear

Navy corduroy shirt $125, Shawl collared cardigan $208.

The newest casual pieces come from gsus, a brand that began as a rebel to the men’s fashion world. Twenty years later they’re much larger, but still stand for the same free spirited, independent values. Style without status symbols becomes personal, relaxed, and true to the wearer, and that’s why we love gsus.

Knit cardigan $208. Toggle pullover $187, burgundy chinos $158.

This houndstooth pullover is a hit, and the colour makes it an ideal versatility piece. Pattern has been given a new direction for this season; houndstooth is magnified, knits are more intertwined, and colours aren’t for the shy. gsus always excels at bringing us casual items that turn a regular outfit into something new, young, and urban.

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