What's New: Gotstyle, Antonio Valente, Red Line Shirts

Gotstyle Dress Shirts

Spring is the time to be bold when it comes to color. We just received our private brand dress shirts that we liven up any navy suit.

A reminder of our other dress shirts:

Antonio Valente – if you’re looking for the best quality dress shirt in the store this is it! Slim fit with a nice trim arm (from reg to XL), buttons that will never break, collars and cuffs that will hold up to repeated dry cleanings and won’t pucker or shrink. Every man should have one high quality white dress shirt in their closet that makes them look and feel like a million bucks.

Red Line – Eterna – if you hate to iron this shirt is for you. It’s the only non-wrinkle shirt on the market that is environmentally safe for you and your skin. Slim fit with a nice cutaway collar, machine washable, spin to dry for a few minutes, shake and hang and you’re ready to go the next morning. I would have to say that any of my guys that travel love this shirt – after they’ve bought one, they come back and buy all the other colors!

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