What's New: Fall Shoes From John Varvatos and Ted Baker

John Varvatos desert boot $198

There’s no excuse to be caught in ugly shoes, especially when we’ve got so many awesome shoes in store. John Varvatos, Ted Baker and No Brand are our favourites this season. We’ve got four kinds of shoes that will keep you covered all winter.

John Varvatos city boot $375.

Canada gets cold in the winter, we all know that. Every urban guy needs a pair of city boots that are able to keep him warm and stylish while he’s out and about downtown. Just make sure you never wear them with a suit, that’s what dress shoes are for.

John Varvatos shoe is priced at $298.

Shoes don’t just get us from point a to point b, they tell people where our point b is; slushy sidewalks and cold weather are no excuse for dull shoes. Brogues are sophisticated and detailed, they carry an air of achievement, success and sophistication. Whether you’ve reached professional or personal success or are still on your way there, those square toed, beat up shoes don’t say anything good for you.

Ted Baker boots priced at $195.

Something more modern and versatile like these Ted Baker boots are great for an active person who needs a good show to go from traveling to work, meetings and out at night. The contrast stitching

SWIMS galoshes priced at $90.

For the man who’s got a solid shoe selection, galoshes from SWIMS will keep those shoes protected from the elements.

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