What's New: Fall Casual Wear from Vito, Stones, Ted Baker, Gsus, & Johnny Love

More and more fall arrivals are hitting our shelves every day, so we’ve gathered our favourites to give you some inspiration. Now’s the time to layer and mix up textures and fabrics – our casual section is filled with awesome layering pieces. Here’s one reason to do some wardrobe upgrades this season – a Ted Baker knit sweater with contrasting elbow patches. Continue reading to see our favourite fall looks.

Left: Gsus cotton sportscoat $259, Gsus plaid flannel shirt $115, Ted Baker sweater $190, DL denim in desert colour $238.
Right: Stones orange corduroy sportscoat $428, Vito mustard cardigan $80, Vito striped shirt $110, DL denim $198.

By now, you’ve hopefully got a wool blazer or sportscoat in your closet. To switch it up, go for a casual cotton or corduroy one in an unexpected colour. Dark denim from Diesel will turn any casual outfit into something more appropriate for work, dinner, or going out at night.

Left: Blue Industry minicheck sportscoat $325, Blue Industry check shirt $145, DL denim $198.
Right: John Varvatos jacket $118, John Varvatos merino wool sweater $185, A Christensen tie $95, John Varvatos tweed cargo pant $275.

Right now, outerwear is still light. Enjoy that and play with patterns and details like raw edges. Come spring, you can pull these jackets out again.

Left: John Varvatos shirt $165, John Varvatos grey shirt $118, John Varvatos tweed cargo pant $275.
Right: Gsus stripe knit sweater $129, Blue Industry shirt $165, PRPS Mohanpass jeans $245.

Fall is all about layering, not only does it look great, but it also keeps your prepared for whatever weather could be thrown our way. In the early fall, thin layers in breathable fabrics will keep you warm, once the weather gets cooler you can pull out the knit sweaters. Bonus points for doing this without hoodies and tees!

Left: Stones grey cardigan $210, Johnny Love plaid shirt $185, DL denim $198.
Centre: Vito cardigan $80, Vito plaid shirt $110, DL denim in burgundy colour $238.
Right: Vito cardigan $80, Vito plaid shirt $110, DL denim in burgundy colour $238.

Cardigans are a go-to way to layer up without overdoing it. They instantly add sophistication to a casual outfit, but are still light enough for the early fall weather. If you aren’t a suit guy during the week, your wardrobe needs a couple cardigans.

Left: Adidas SLVR wool jacket $370, Adidas SLVR hoodie $125, PRPS Mohanpass jeans $245.
Right: John Varvatos henley $138, John Varvatos plaid shirt $165, John Varvatos cargo pant $250.

Let’s finish the post off with more layering pieces. Varsity jackets are back, and they’re great for keeping a weekend casual outfit looking polished and smart. Especially in gray, the neutral of the season.

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