What's New: Drykorn Corduroy

Fall is the season of style, we can finally play with all the layers and rich fabrics that summer is too hot for. While corduroy is associated with notoriously poorly dressed professors and academics, Drykorn has made corduroy stylish with these two suits.

With the weather on our side and going out after work happening more often, you’re going to need a switch from the usual black, grey or navy. Purple and tan corduroy have come to be unexpected and trust me, you will get plenty of complements.

Switch it up for fall and play with corduroy. Contemporary corduroy differs from traditional corduroy in many ways: traditional corduroy has thicker wales (the ridges), while more modern corduroy like these Drykorn suits have thinner wales similar to velvet.

If you’re not afraid of pattern and texture together, try a patterned shirt like the above Haight & Ashbury one priced at $110.

Three piece tan suit is priced at $895, the two piece purple suit is $795.

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