What's New: Culturata, Made in Italy

Culturata launched their made-in-Italy line of sophisticated, contemporary shirt collection in 2008.

I liked the collection because of their super soft fabrics that are washable and have a great fit (trim). They use sustainable fabrics and ethical production methods so you can feel good wearing them. The shirts look smart when worn with a blazer for work and good for casual nights out (especially when worn with a slim, solid knit tie). Each item is created in Rome and lives up to their “sartorial, artisanal, sustainable” promise. Definitely a shirt that will make you feel like a boss, not just look like one.

For Spring 2012, Culuturata introduced a simple yet sophisticated collection with a fresh and understandable approach to men’s fashion. It’s all about vintage micro neat patterns, luxurious soft plaids, and the new short button down collar. Shirts are priced in the $175 – 185 area.

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